PERP ® Public Enterprise Resource Planning System

PERP ® Public Enterprise Resource Planning System


This is a web Based Software Application for Public Sector Supply Management is the latest development by IPPLC Ltd which shall finally offer the first comprehensive integrated solution for the Public Sector Supply Management.

The PERP- PSSM© system is planned as an fully integrated web based software application, consisting of 3 operational divisions with different sections and only essential Modules to secure streamlines operations from day one without complex customization, suitable for the Public Sector, fully compliant with standard Government procedures.

Potential users are Government Entities and Parastatal, Development Partners and Procurement/Logistics Agents operating on behalf of Governments or Donors. PERP Packages can nevertheless be compiled in line with the individual requirements of Ministries, Procurement Entities, Parastatal, Donors and Executing Agencies.

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To ensure that your operations will not be interrupted by unanswered questions or any technical hitches, after successful installation and commissioning of software, IPPLC Ltd shall continue to offer support through

  • On-site support
  • Telephone and email
  • Our support discussion forum
  • On-call support
  • Online support


From inbuilt Help Systems, to printable User Guides, to Technical Documentation, IPPLC Ltd will provide all the documentation you require to not only enable your users to properly use the system, but also to enable your technical personnel to interface with our applications or to provide in-house support.


In many cases, the intuitive nature of our software means that very little training is needed. However, larger projects may require more extensive training, which shall be provided by the very IPPLC Ltd experts involved in the development of the software.


With the skilled choice of technologies and by maintaining low overheads, IPPLC Ltd is able to provide licences and services at prices that ensures good value for money.

After we establish your requirements and give you our proposal, please feel free to evaluate our prices against alternative options as far as available. We are confident that you will agree with us.


IPPLC Ltd employs technologies appropriate to the needs at hand, while keeping in mind current trends and their implications for the future.

Our clients have had their information management needs met by exploiting the intuitive and user-friendly features of Microsoft Access® for LAN or desktop-based applications, and leading open-source software for Web-based applications.

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